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Hi guys ! I haven't forgotten about you... If you read the AB Forum, you probably remember I said I'd like to create a game (or more) and seeing that we played this game together for years, it would be a pleasure if you wanted to test what I want to build when the time comes.

Currently I'm gravitating twards creating something focused on multiplayer, turn based, that can be played on mobile and maybe other devices as well. I have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone.

I haven't had time yet to create a proper subscription page, but if you trust me and would like to be notified when (and if) I manage to create something, please drop me an email at the following email (I scrambled the text to confuse spammers, don't try to copy it with select copy/paste, just type it manually :D):

@ u i 8 f o h i c y 2 o a m o .

with subject "Alphabounce tester" and whatever content you like and I'll add you to a list and I'll only use it to notify you regarding this project.

I ended up asking you like this, because this was the quickest way and I didn't want to lose you all, since the analytics page shows the numbers of visits have decreased considerably - and for a good reason... (I don't like spammers more than you do, so I promise I won't sell your data to anyone :) )

If you need to see the content under this message, use the X from the top right corner of the message to hide it. It will show up again on the next refresh... (haven't made a permanent way of hiding it based on cookies or something...)